Curcuma oil




Appearance: orange-yellow liquid

Efficacy and function:
It is a traditional food coloring agent in our country. It is often used for coloring the skin of longan, and it can also be used for flavoring and coloring of foods such as curry powder and yellow salty radish. Turmeric is bitter in taste and warm in nature. It can promote blood circulation, promote qi circulation, stimulate menstruation, relieve pain, lower blood fat, treat angina pectoris, stomach pain and gallstones, and protect the liver. It can be used in all kinds of beverages, mixed wine, popsicles, candies, pastries, seasoning cans, green plums, red and green silk, and can be used in moderation according to production needs; it can also be used in pickles, bread and pastries, the maximum usage is 0.01g/kg.