Ginger oil




Appearance: Brown-yellow liquid

Sweating to relieve the exterior, warming the middle to stop vomiting, warming the lungs to relieve cough, detoxifying fish and crabs, and detoxifying medicine.
It is an aromatic spicy stomach invigorating medicine, which has the effects of warming, excitement, sweating, antiemetic, and detoxification, especially for fish and crab poisoning, Pinellia, Aracea and other drug poisoning. It is suitable for exogenous wind-cold, headache, phlegm, cough, stomach cold and vomiting; after being attacked by ice, snow, water, and cold, drink ginger soup urgently, which can promote blood circulation and dispel cold evil.
Skin curative effect: helps to dissipate blood stasis and heal wounds; it is also effective in regulating oily skin and pale skin. It is not suitable for facial skin care. It can be adjusted and shampooed in shampoo to remove head wind and relieve headaches. It can be diluted with base oil and massaged to dissipate blood stasis and treat wounds.
Physiological Effects: Valuable in the treatment of impotence, improving menstrual irregularities, and can also be used in postpartum care to eliminate accumulated blood clots; especially helpful in improving moisture in the body, excessive body fluids, such as influenza, phlegm And runny nose, can also relieve sore throat and tonsillitis.