L-Aspartic Acid



【Product introduction】
CAS Number: 1783-96-6
Molecular formula: C4H7NO4
Molecular weight: 133.10
Aspartic acid is an α-amino acid, and the L-isomer of aspartic acid is 20 protein amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Its codons are GAU and GAC. It is the same acidic amino acid as glutamic acid. Aspartate is ubiquitously present in biosynthesis. It is the synthetic precursor of lysine, threonine, isoleucine, methionine and other amino acids and purine and pyrimidine bases in organisms.
【Product properties】
This product is white powder, odorless, hygroscopic, easily soluble in water, dissolved, the absorption rate reaches 95%, the aqueous solution turns light white and then becomes clear, the pH value is neutral = 7, and the structure stability is good.
【Product Usage】
Aspartic acid has a wide range of uses in medicine, food and chemical industry.
In the food industry, it is a good nutritional supplement, added to various refreshing beverages; it is also the main raw material of sweetener (aspartame) – aspartame.
In the chemical industry, it can be used as a raw material for the manufacture of synthetic resins. It can also be used as a nutritional additive for cosmetics.