CAS: 61-90-5
Molecular formula: C6H13NO2
Molecular weight: 131.17
Properties: White crystalline powder. Slightly bitter. Sublimation at 145~148℃. The melting point is 293~295℃. In the presence of hydrogen, it has stable performance in water-soluble inorganic acid.
Product application: Nutritional supplements; flavoring and flavoring agents.

Storage method: This product should be stored in a sealed, dry place away from light.

L-leucine is one of the eight essential amino acids for the human body. It belongs to the aliphatic amino acids in the twenty protein amino acids. Together with L-isoleucine and L-valine, it is called the three major branched chain amino acids. It is an enantiomer with D-leucine, and it is a white glossy hexahedral crystal or a white crystalline powder at room temperature. Odorless, slightly bitter. In the presence of hydrocarbons, the performance is stable in mineral acid aqueous solutions. Dissolve each gram in 40ml of water and about 100ml of acetic acid. Very slightly soluble in ethanol or ether, soluble in formic acid and dilute hydrochloric acid, alkaline hydroxide and carbonate solutions.