Lavander oil



Appearance: light yellow to yellow liquid


Efficacy and function:
Beautifies and nourishes the skin, promotes cell regeneration, balances skin secretion, removes problematic skin such as youth beans, scars, and various pigmentation spots, and is suitable for any skin. Works great on sun tanned skin.

Stimulate the human respiratory center, thereby promoting the human body to absorb oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide, so as to be energetic, relaxed and happy, promote blood circulation, enhance immunity and functional vitality. Relax digestive tract spasm, cool and refreshing, eliminate flatulence, help digestion, prevent nausea and dizziness, relieve anxiety and nervous migraine, prevent colds, etc.

Widely used in daily essence, added to cologne, toilet water and other cosmetics (such as herbal tea, cake jam, soap perfume, etc.).