Lemongrass oil



Appearance: light yellow to yellow liquid


Efficacy and function:
1. It can invigorate the stomach, diuresis, prevent anemia and moisturize the skin, invigorate the spleen and stomach, eliminate flatulence and pain, and help digestion.
2. With antibacterial ability, it can treat cholera, acute gastroenteritis and chronic diarrhea. It can moisturize the skin and help women to maintain beauty.
3. Relieve cold symptoms, can cure stomach pain, abdominal pain, headache, fever, relieve headache, fever, herpes, etc. Diuretic detoxification, eliminate edema and excess fat.
4. Contains a lot of vitamin C, which is also a good product for beauty and hairdressing. Regulates oil secretion and is beneficial to oily skin and hair. It can be added to water to cleanse the skin and promote blood circulation.
5. Treat anemia, improve pale complexion, chlorosis, dizziness, etc.; drink the remaining tea soup to soak feet, treat Hong Kong feet or feet that sweat excessively.
6. In traditional Indian medicine, lemongrass is regarded as a medicinal plant for treating all diseases. Lemongrass is a major feature of Southeast Asian cuisine, especially it has a cool and refreshing fragrance of lemon, which is suitable for Thai cuisine and is often found in Thai cuisine. The smell is fragrant and has antibacterial and antiviral effects, and has been praised by doctors since ancient times.