【Product name】Menthol
【Molecular formula】C10H20O
【Ingredients】Mint branches and leaves
【production process】 centrifugal extraction after distillation
【Scope of application】Toothpaste, mouthwash, skin care cosmetics, shampoo soap, household detergent, air freshener, tobacco and other products, it can also be used to prepare various food flavors and trace amounts of cream, sugar and fruit flavors.
【Storage conditions]】Shading, airtight, dry storage.
【Guarantee period】 36 months
【Appearance】Colorless transparent prismatic crystal
【Specific rotation】-45°~-50°
【Melting point】42~44℃
【Main ingredients】Containing more than 99% levo-menthol
【Smell】: It has the characteristic aroma of Asian natural menthol