Neroli oil




Appearance: pale yellow to amber liquid

Neroli belongs to the Rutaceae citrus genus, the main components are D-limonene, etc., and its fragrance is light, delicate and fresh. It has the functions of hypnosis, soothing and regulating emotions, enhancing cell activity and regulating immunity.
Neroli essential oil is a natural active substance extracted from bitter orange blossom. It has an elegant floral and fruity aroma and is widely used in food, cosmetics and French aromatherapy. In daily chemical products, neroli essential oil is an important raw material in perfume formulations, which can modify the top fragrance of Sulan fragrance, and is also the secret weapon in floral ingredients; in food, neroli essential oil is widely used in many soft drink flavors At the same time, because of its mild and safe characteristics, it can also be widely used in children’s food. In the field of French aromatherapy, neroli essential oil can relieve nervous tension, stress, insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms. In addition to its unique aroma advantages, neroli essential oil also has a variety of effects. Studies have shown that neroli essential oil can analgesia and anti-inflammation. At the same time, neroli essential oil has strong antibacterial function and can widely inhibit bacteria and fungi.