Osmanthus oil




Appearance: Pale yellow clear liquid

Osmanthus essential oil is calming, aphrodisiac, and antibacterial. It can purify the air, dispel cold and dispel rheumatism, have curative effects on toothache and cough, beautify and whiten the skin, detoxify the body and laxative. Women use osmanthus essential oil to make the skin tender, delay aging, and emit a faint fragrance in the body. Men use osmanthus essential oil, which has the effect of aphrodisiac.
1. Psychological curative effect: It has a good guiding effect on emotions and is an excellent emotional stimulant. Osmanthus oil has a certain effect on relieving fatigue, headaches, and menstrual pains. It is also a good mood enhancer in sexual intercourse. Osmanthus essential oil is the best for purifying the air.
2. Physical curative effect: relieve headache and menstrual pain, invigorate the stomach and regulate qi. It can be used for cold compress or boiling water with a few drops of osmanthus oil to treat headaches and migraines. A warm towel will eliminate your mental fatigue. Osmanthus bath can help treat insomnia. Massage osmanthus and base oil to make osmanthus massage oil, which can be applied to the back of the ear and neck, or as a physiological massage oil for the lower abdomen.
3. Skin curative effect: promote blood circulation, improve tissue, and keep the skin alive. It is used for skin massage. Osmanthus oil has the effect of fine skin and beauty. Osmanthus oil has moisturizing and moisturizing effects, which can accelerate skin blood circulation and improve pale complexion. .