Because Vaseline is colorless, odorless, chemically inert, semi-solid, lipophilic, and has good adhesion, it is suitable for making bases such as hair care creams, hair conditioners, eye shadows, lipsticks, and pomades. Pharmaceutical Vaseline can be compatible with almost all drugs without changing the drugs, and can be used as a base for ointments and is widely used. Hydrophilic petrolatum can be obtained by adding alcohols such as stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, and cholesterol to petrolatum, heating, melting and stirring thoroughly. Hydrophilic petrolatum is a highly permeable and stable ointment base with little irritation. This ointment base can be used alone for dry rashes, erythema, papules and other diseases, and is especially suitable for removing blood scabs and desquamation. Vaseline can also be used as an emulsifier compatible with cholesterol and is non-ionic, so it can be compatible with a wide range of substances. In addition, due to its absorbency, it can be compatible with liquid drugs or aqueous solutions of drugs. Industrial vaseline, used as rubber softener, anti-rust of metal parts, raw material of anti-rust grease.