Sandalwood oil




Appearance: brown liquid

1. Replace perfume: apply a small amount of sandalwood essential oil on the body skin, so that the natural, elegant and wonderful fragrance lasts for a long time, which is better than the strong and publicized chemical smell of perfume.
2. Anti-mosquito bites: With the positive energy of sandalwood, it can drive away all kinds of mosquito harassment, suitable for outings.
3. Refresh heat and relieve fatigue: Summer heat is particularly easy to make people tired and sleepy. At this time, apply sandalwood essential oil to use the pure and righteous aroma of the fragrance.
4. Relieve fatigue: The fragrance of old sandalwood is the king of righteousness. The pure yang qi enters the nostrils, walks twelve meridians, and circulates well. When the pure yang energy in the body is raised, of course the energy will be multiplied, and there will be no fatigue.
5. Soothe the nerves and purify the mind: high-quality sandalwood, which produces a fragrant and elegant aroma when used for fumigation, can clear the body and mind, eliminate irritability, regulate breathing, promote sleep, and enhance immunity. Ancient royal nobles, princes and ministers all used sandalwood fragrant habit.
6. Avoid evil and defilement: sandalwood righteousness fragrance has the positive energy to break all filthy air, apply sandalwood essential oil, clean body and mind, and all evil will not come, especially to participate in various pujas, or make offerings to the guru, it is very Pure spiritual things.
7. Essential oil fumigation and essential oil bath.