Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid

Terpineol is divided into two types: fragrance grade and pharmaceutical grade. Fragrance grade terpineol has good aroma adaptability and stability to the air and in many flavoring media, and is widely used in flavor formulations for various purposes At the same time, it is used as an agent to increase freshness; as body fragrance, it is often used in essences such as lily, lilac, lily of the valley, acacia, sweet rhinoceros, orange blossom, etc. Chemicalbook is also an important fragrance in magnolia, gardenia, narcissus and pine needle essences. Terpineol is cheap and widely used in blending soaps and cosmetic fragrances and high-grade flavors similar to lilac aroma, and is used in pharmaceutical, electrical machinery, ink and other industries. The fraction containing 40% to 80% alcohol is called synthetic pine oil, which is mainly used as a flotation foaming agent for non-ferrous metals.